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ADRP Committees

Conference Committee

The conference subcommittee plans educational content for the Annual Conference. Duties include speaker & awards selection and planning activities for attendees. The Conference subcommittee meets via teleconference every 4 weeks during the conference planning cycle with committee member assignments distributed during the interim. Although subcommittee members are not required to attend conferences, attendance is encouraged to assist with onsite logistics and registration.

Webinar Committee

The webinar subcommittee creates ongoing educational opportunities for ADRP subscribers including webinars and online resources. The webinar subcommittee assists in the sourcing of speakers and content for ADRP webinars and participates during webinars as the guest moderator or to help engage the audience in a vigorous discussion. The subcommittee meets via teleconference every  four weeks with committee member assignments distributed during the interim.

Marketing  Committee

The Marketing  Committee is focused on the development of resources such as toolkits, surrounding blood donation. This may include the development of themes, campaigns, the creation of marketing materials, resource kits, and other activities related to annual recognition events, including National Blood Donor Month and World Blood Donor Day.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the ADRP Membership Committee is to review, provide feedback, and make recommendations on issues affecting member value and satisfaction. The Committee assists the association in the evaluation of existing programs and services as well as the launch of new offerings. The Committee also provides input on key topics impacting the ADRP membership that can be addressed through member offerings.


This team includes international members who promote ADRP worldwide, represent the organization at other international blood-banking conferences and work groups, and provide outreach to developing areas to advance the profession.

Call for committee volunteers is now open. Deadline to apply is February 16, 2024. Apply today!

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